Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanks Jay Servidio

Three years ago my family went through some really rough times financially. A friend of mine shared with me his experiences with Teleteria and Jay Servidio. I went to my computer and looked up and found how to reach Jay Servidio and learned about Teleteria.Jay Servidio was excellent to work with! He gave me a payment option that allowed me to buy an adult site and still be able to put food on my table. Teleteria took less than 3 days to set up my site and asked me for creative input on what I wanted my site to look like. Since I wasn't working I was able to market my site full time and see the benefits of it within three months! I was bringing in clients 3 to 4 a day! Teleteria is only as good as it's management and Jay Servidio is excellent. Check out and see what I mean.Thanks Jay Servidio!

Booker A., Nashville, TN


I bought a website from a guy that I had met in a chat room. He made it all sound so good. That's what I get for listening to someone like him. I should have done my research and checked out the one place he told me to avoid and that was! The website I got from him was shit. I contacted Teleteria and asked Jay Servidio if he could help me out.Jay Servidio took one look at my site and then advised me how Teleteria could help me. I was so excited after having spoken with Jay Servidio that I couldn't wait to get started.The job Teleteria did revising my site and completing the much needed repairs went smoothly. I began the job of marketing my site with Teleteria providing me with written suggestions and instructions. What a difference Teleteria has made for me!I only go to now whenever I'm looking at investing in a website or casino. I will not trust anyone in the chatrooms again! Thanks Jay Servidio!

Marvin J., Branson, MO


When my husband passed away I was a bit stunned to learn that he had purchased two adult sites and was supplementing our income with the profits. I learned quickly that he had invested a small chunk of money. I contacted the owner of Teleteria who told me about the transaction and how I could easily manage the sites without much more work involved as my husband had done a very good job.Jay Servidio took time to walk me through everything and was a wealth of information. I have over the course of the last two years taken full control of the sites and continued marketing them. They are high in the search engines and have been associated with some very impressive websites so I get a lot of traffic to my site.While I was shocked, I was glad my husband had the foresight to go to and make the decision to invest there. I can't say enough how important it is to think of your family's future but this was definitely unconventional in my book. Thanks Jay Servidio for your help and continued assistance through this difficult time.Dana P., Centerville, OH


I had been ripped off 4 times trying to do business online. Each time I was told what they thought I wanted to hear.

I did a google search for adult sites and found Teleteria at the top. Although there was some bad press about them, I thought what the hell? So I gave Jay Servidio a call and found that he was pretty blunt and forthright. He directed me back to his website: and we walked through my options.

I dealt directly with Jay and he said that his company required a 50% deposit to get started. When i told him I had trouble before he said I could get started with just a 500.00 deposit. They built the site and I love it. It's the bomb!!!! I started making money right away with it and have got me 2 more now. is now my favorite site! I can't say it enough but Thanks Teleteria and Jay Servidio.

Bob T., New Jersey